Back on Track

Hello everyone! How are you all? Can you believe we're already in October? Ok, enough rambling, I'm back! Well kinda. Pretty much more half back. My computer is still on repair and I still don't know what's up with it (the guy at Apple told me it could be a major system failure, a hard drive problem or a motherboard problem which I already suspected). I don't know when I'll get my computer back but awaiting it, my sister could fix the internet connexion on my second laptop so I can be there. And I'm here! My old laptop is painfully slow making it a real challenge to edit even disney princess coloring pictures for my little niece and even be on the internet (it drives me crazy) but it's better than nothing. I missed blogging. Thank you to all those who sticked by me... One week off blogging was weird. You know, when I don't post I usually always work for my blog (making photo, editing them, writing). I work all the time. But that time I couldn't really continue as all my photos / text are on my ill computer and I wasn't just in the mood to start everything from scratch.
The laptop I'm currently using is the one I had before the ill one, it's 8 years old, tough although it has suffered a hard drive crash in 2010 (I changed the hard drive and did data retrieval myself, a real challenge) and it's kind of outdated. It has reconverted now as my "travel computer" (because it's small sized and really convenient) as well as "emergency computer" (always there when the other has a problem). It's practically empty since the new hard drive and doesn't feel like home like the other. I feel a bit estranged on here. Weird how our computer is like a familiar room. It's my will to keep it clean and empty but as I knew I would have to use it for a little while, I did some necessary change, calibrating the screen, asking my sister to fix the connexion, etc. So it's better now. As blogging was minor, I took the opportunity to make something I hadn't done in ages: music! All my samples (all the ambient sounds I collected) are on my other laptop, but I could start a couple of tracks anyway. I can't be without having a creative outlet it seems! Anyway, all this to tell that I'm back, not quite like I used to be yet but things should go back to normal anytime soon and awaiting this, I can at least show you some beautiful polishes I've shooted again. Ok, I should stop talking and finish the edition of my pics. But it's so good to be back that I had to say hello!