Wooly Bear Festival End

She didn't say a word, just walked away, and yep you guessed it about an hour later her and her friend had it on a leash walking down the side walk. Idiots! That puppy couldn't have been more then 6 weeks old. Well at least I didn't have anyone looking for a dog to breed with. I did have a few people tell me that the sum between $100 and $200 was way too much money for a dog. My response to both of those people was "Do you know how much it is to get a dog fixed?" they both said yes. I said do you really think $100 is too much for a dog? They both started at me blankly. Oh and this was so funny. We have this super nice dog in the rescue right now named Bo. He is big but so nice. I was taking him out of the crate and he was just walking out like a normal dog. This young girl scream, threw her hands out to the side of her to block her friends and said that is a wild one! I looked straight at her and I said "he is? why do you say that?" "He is going to get us!" She said loudly. I said "No he isn't." Her mom pulled her arms down and I walked away so not exactly sure what all transpired after that. So weird. For the parade all the dogs were dressed in costumes. It seemed everyone like that idea and it got a lot of people in the crowds attention. We will definitely do that again next year.

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