Wooly Bear Festival End

She didn't say a word, just walked away, and yep you guessed it about an hour later her and her friend had it on a leash walking down the side walk. Idiots! That puppy couldn't have been more then 6 weeks old. Well at least I didn't have anyone looking for a dog to breed with. I did have a few people tell me that the sum between $100 and $200 was way too much money for a dog. My response to both of those people was "Do you know how much it is to get a dog fixed?" they both said yes. I said do you really think $100 is too much for a dog? They both started at me blankly. Oh and this was so funny. We have this super nice dog in the rescue right now named Bo. He is big but so nice. I was taking him out of the crate and he was just walking out like a normal dog. This young girl scream, threw her hands out to the side of her to block her friends and said that is a wild one! I looked straight at her and I said "he is? why do you say that?" "He is going to get us!" She said loudly. I said "No he isn't." Her mom pulled her arms down and I walked away so not exactly sure what all transpired after that. So weird. For the parade all the dogs were dressed in costumes. It seemed everyone like that idea and it got a lot of people in the crowds attention. We will definitely do that again next year.

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I even had one kid come into the tent and start grab stuff off the table. Are you kidding me! I grabbed his little arm and walked him out of the tent. Of course the entire time him mom was screaming "Travis come here. Don't go in there. What are you doing Come here" Clearly the kid doesn't listen and or isn't made to listen. Sure scared him when I grabbed his arm and marched him out of the tent. Then I had a girl, probably 12 years old walk over to me and say "Where are the Boy Scouts" I said "I have no idea" her response "Oh come on dude. Your kidding me." stomp her foot and get all mad. I gave her the nastiest look and said "why should I know where they are?" She turned around mumbling something all mad. I looked at my friend in the tent with me and I said did that really just happen? Then this teenage girl came up to the tent. She had this little tiny puppy. I told her to be careful b/c a puppy that little can get sick and die. I told her until after it has all his vaccinations it won't be immune to picking up illness from other dogs. She looked at me like fu. I told her that our dogs are shelter dogs and just because a dog is healthy doesn't mean it isn't carrying something that will make a puppy sick. 

Wooly Bear Festival

Sunday 9'th october was the Wooly Bear Festival. It was a huge success. We had a lot of amazing volunteers helping and walking in the parade. Man am I lucky to have such awesome people who have adopted from me and who volunteer. And some are both. A lot of friends and people I know from different times in my life stopped by to say hi! It was nice to see people coming by, really feels like I am supported in my efforts. We all know this year has been one crappy year for me when it comes to people treating me like shit. Oh the stuff I don't even blog about would blow your mind. I try to keep the blogging dog related only. But I must say for every person who has treated me like crap there are 2 more awesome adopters or volunteers or friends who sure help me get through the crap! I will say though, the general public is weird. I had a few strange experiences while at the festival. Well first of all I had a tent set up with tables in the front and dog pens on either side. Clearly the tent was for those manning the tent to be able to stand under and sell items that were on the table. Had the sides blocked pretty well with the dog pens but you better believe every little kid and annoying adult would find one little opening and walk right through the middle of our tent. 

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Laughter of Resistance

Think about this, the people the United States government fears the most are not terrorists, they fear the peace activists. The strange truth here is the United States government supports terrorism, as fear supports this administration. My position is very clear on this matter, first the administration is a Terrorist based organization that uses fear, torture and terror as means to maintain their vision of America. Secondly, I don't believe in resistance nor do I promote fighting. I advocate instead that each person needs to be themselves one hundred percent. If the action of being yourself goes against society, then so be it. You are not society, society is dictated by your actions. Be free, by not living in fear of being yourself. So lets get back to that original email. To protect the identity of my new friend I will call her Joe. Tricky, tricky, is Joe a he or she? You will never know now, I feel like I am in a spy novel now. I responded to Joe in a one page email which I will summarize here, It's not that western life is bad. It's just that corporations and a greedy wealthy few have subverted freedom to mean totalitarian economic policy. Eventually this will change. All dictators fall, All. If you want to resist these problems. Then learn how to laugh about how silly western society is. Laughter is the most powerful from of resistance. Laughter is the key as strange as this may sound.

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