Laughter of Resistance

Think about this, the people the United States government fears the most are not terrorists, they fear the peace activists. The strange truth here is the United States government supports terrorism, as fear supports this administration. My position is very clear on this matter, first the administration is a Terrorist based organization that uses fear, torture and terror as means to maintain their vision of America. Secondly, I don't believe in resistance nor do I promote fighting. I advocate instead that each person needs to be themselves one hundred percent. If the action of being yourself goes against society, then so be it. You are not society, society is dictated by your actions. Be free, by not living in fear of being yourself. So lets get back to that original email. To protect the identity of my new friend I will call her Joe. Tricky, tricky, is Joe a he or she? You will never know now, I feel like I am in a spy novel now. I responded to Joe in a one page email which I will summarize here, It's not that western life is bad. It's just that corporations and a greedy wealthy few have subverted freedom to mean totalitarian economic policy. Eventually this will change. All dictators fall, All. If you want to resist these problems. Then learn how to laugh about how silly western society is. Laughter is the most powerful from of resistance. Laughter is the key as strange as this may sound.

Out of Food

Google Solution

Perhaps there is a Google god after all. I never use forums. I always get tangled up in them, but given I was desperate, and a reader sent me the link to Google's help forum, I tried. Talk about quick. Instantly I received a quick reply. Isabelle from Weight Shapes has posted an answer to the question "Blogger sometimes freezes and will not allow readers to comment". We've raised this with Google Engineering. Until it is fixed I would suggest settings your comments to either Full-Screen or Pop-Up rather than Embed. The problem does not happen with Google Chrome, so you should switch to using Google Chrome in the meantime. Hopefully Google will announce when the issues are fixed. I'm impressed. I immediately went to settings and changed the comments to pop-up and was able to read your comments. Now about Google Chrome, what is that? Something new for me to learn I suppose. I'm probably the only one in the world not using it. I try to stay on top of all this digital stuff but sometimes you just wear out and need a break. This is what happens when you take a break.


IlluxCon Memories

The educational opportunities abound. The funny thing is that often learn the most when I'm on the panel myself! This year, I spent most of the Live Art Critic in stunned silence as I watched the experts offer up brilliant critiques, technique advice, and some quick paint-overs to make a point. I wish we could have continued for hours. Next time I'll bring a laser pointer so I can talk about composition more, without the "software mastery" envy I had watching folks like Dan Dos Santos, Robh Ruppel, and Patrick Jones as they flew through photoshop. It was also a blast listening to Mark Nelson describe his concepting experiences and walk through his process in the "creature design by committee". I do a lot of concepting, but I learned a ton by being part of his class. There were a tone of other workshops that I would have loved to attend, but I was so busy I had to skip some of the ones I was aching to attend. I need more hours in the day!