More on The Wooly Bear Festival

I even had one kid come into the tent and start grab stuff off the table. Are you kidding me! I grabbed his little arm and walked him out of the tent. Of course the entire time him mom was screaming "Travis come here. Don't go in there. What are you doing Come here" Clearly the kid doesn't listen and or isn't made to listen. Sure scared him when I grabbed his arm and marched him out of the tent. Then I had a girl, probably 12 years old walk over to me and say "Where are the Boy Scouts" I said "I have no idea" her response "Oh come on dude. Your kidding me." stomp her foot and get all mad. I gave her the nastiest look and said "why should I know where they are?" She turned around mumbling something all mad. I looked at my friend in the tent with me and I said did that really just happen? Then this teenage girl came up to the tent. She had this little tiny puppy. I told her to be careful b/c a puppy that little can get sick and die. I told her until after it has all his vaccinations it won't be immune to picking up illness from other dogs. She looked at me like fu. I told her that our dogs are shelter dogs and just because a dog is healthy doesn't mean it isn't carrying something that will make a puppy sick. 

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