Wooly Bear Festival

Sunday 9'th october was the Wooly Bear Festival. It was a huge success. We had a lot of amazing volunteers helping and walking in the parade. Man am I lucky to have such awesome people who have adopted from me and who volunteer. And some are both. A lot of friends and people I know from different times in my life stopped by to say hi! It was nice to see people coming by, really feels like I am supported in my efforts. We all know this year has been one crappy year for me when it comes to people treating me like shit. Oh the stuff I don't even blog about would blow your mind. I try to keep the blogging dog related only. But I must say for every person who has treated me like crap there are 2 more awesome adopters or volunteers or friends who sure help me get through the crap! I will say though, the general public is weird. I had a few strange experiences while at the festival. Well first of all I had a tent set up with tables in the front and dog pens on either side. Clearly the tent was for those manning the tent to be able to stand under and sell items that were on the table. Had the sides blocked pretty well with the dog pens but you better believe every little kid and annoying adult would find one little opening and walk right through the middle of our tent. 

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